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From Ship to Shore to Store: Mastering Logistics with Giles Taylor

In this episode, we’re joined by Giles Taylor, Founder, Owner, and President of Trans-Solutions, Inc., an expert in online marketing, supply chain, and logistics. Giles accrued his experience from his maritime academy days to his leadership roles in various sectors. He offers an in-depth insight into the complexities and solutions in logistics and supply chain management.
Shipping and Logistics Podcast with Giles Taylor

Key Takeaways:

  • (03:51) Explanation of Transportation Management Software and its tiers.
  • (05:19) Adoption trends of TMS, highlighting affordability through SaaS solutions.
  • (06:08) Introducing a two-phase approach for evaluating and implementing TMS.
  • (08:44) Case study: A food retailer saves on logistics by changing shipping terms.
  • (10:13) Case study: A company reduces transportation costs by switching to rail.
  • (17:28) Disadvantages of shipping consolidation with a single carrier.
  • (20:02) Significant changes are predicted in supply chain through advanced AI and ML.
  • (25:16) Understanding true service delivery costs for supply chain optimization.
  • (29:56) Diversify information sources to enhance business decisions.


Resources Mentioned: Trans-Solutions on LinkedIn

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