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Flexible Terms of Engagement

The ROI for Trans-solutions’ transportation consulting services is often less than one year, if clients implement recommended strategies. Some assignments, like rate negotiation projects, pay for themselves within a few months. We can work with you on a gainshare or project fee basis (SOW).

Gainshare agreements

We accept 100% of the risk. We provide a free assessment before contracting, and all analysis and negotiation is performed by Trans-solutions at no cost to you. We are paid only if we deliver results!

Our compensation is based on an agreed percent of the total savings amount, inclusive or credits and rebates.

Gainshare agreements can be helpful for companies that do not have a budget for outside transportation consulting and must defend such an investment to management.

Project engagements

Project fees are determined on a project-by-project basis since the scale and scope of assignments will vary.

After input from you, we will define a clear scope of work and timeline, along with our costs to complete the project.

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