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Carrier Management and Selection

When it comes to freight carrier management, the goal is simple: better service at a reduced cost. A critical factor impacting this goal is your choice of carriers. With over 400,000 trucking firms in the U.S., how do you know you are using the right ones? Trans-solutions’ carrier selection services will find you the right carrier for the job.

Common mistakes in freight carrier selection

  • No detailed review of service/cost trade-offs.
    Most shippers don’t examine this if service levels are good. But you don’t need to overpay for good service.

  • Misalignment of service with carriers.
    There is a temptation to consolidate with fewer carriers for ease of administration, but no carrier has the best solution for every challenge. Trans-solutions knows which lanes carriers perform the best in and what modes and methods of transportation they seek.

  • Believing the sales pitch.
    It’s critical to check with other shippers and validate carrier performance, particularly if it involves a recently introduced service.

Keys to successful freight carrier management

  • Understand the market.
    At Trans-solutions, it’s our business to know the carriers that deliver the best service at a competitive cost. We have this knowledge across all modes, as well as across niche sectors such as cold chain carriers and national and regional small package carriers.

  • Sweat the details.
    All carriers are not the same. We’ll dissect the data and examine carrier performance levels and cost to provide an objective recommendation.

  • Continually validate performance.
    Trans-solutions can provide ongoing carrier management services or provide you guidelines on monitoring service levels to ensure you receive the service you and your customers require.

  • Focus on reporting capabilities.
    With today’s lean transportation operations, superior reporting and track and trace tools are critical.

  • Have Comprehensive Benchmarks
    Your rates do not qualify as a benchmark. You already know what you have. What about other shippers?