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About Trans-Solutions

Founded in 1998


In 1998 by transportation consultant, Giles Taylor. As a corporate logistician, Giles became frustrated that he did not have the time and resources to gather the data needed to make informed strategic decisions. He recognized an opportunity to offer companies, on a consulting basis, a highly analytical approach to decision making that could drive six-figure and seven-figure savings.

Combined Years' Experience


Give companies the facts required to make smart decisions on transportation and logistics. By design, Trans-solutions remains a boutique practice among transportation management consultants. Company president, Giles Taylor, remains personally involved in every single customer solution.

Million Saved


Deliver precise, objective answers to real-world logistics challenges. It’s a fact-based, numbers-driven approach that results in recommendations you can trust.

Satisfied Clients

Our Core Team

Trans-solutions transportation consultants are engineers, so we develop engineered solutions based on thorough data analysis. We have experience designing, operating and managing inbound, outbound, and reverse logistics operations for retailers, wholesalers, e-commerce, and manufacturers. Our unique experience and customized solutions set us apart from larger consulting firms.

Giles Taylor

Founder & Principal

Giles is a logistics professional with over 35 years of progressive operations management experience. He has extensive expertise in reducing expenses while improving operational effectiveness and enhancing customer service. Giles’ work spans many segments of business: manufacturing, retail, mail order, wholesale and e-business.

Paul Brinkman


Paul joins Trans-Solutions bringing over 15 years of experience in Process Improvement, Cost Reduction, and Value Creation for his transportation consulting customers. He has developed a strong emphasis in strategic planning and execution for clients Supply Chain needs, creating efficiency in modality and transportation, as well as leading carrier sourcing negotiations and operational optimization.

Frannie Fang

Freight Audit & Claims Expert

Frannie heads up our specialized freight audit division, working with clients to ensure all invoices are correctly processed and claims are achieved. She also supports with discovery and negotiation for our sourcing/engineering projects. For one client, Frannie's team achieved over $180,000 or 58% of submitted claims.

David Jacoby

Boston Strategies International - Alliance Partner

David Steven Jacoby is President of Boston Strategies International, a provider of digital solutions and outsourced services that make supply chains more innovative, agile, resilient, secure, sustainable, and customizable. David has contributed to more than 300 publications and media events, including being the primary or lead author six books on supply chain management, logistics and trade.

David Bovet

New Harbor Consulting - Alliance Partner

David brings over 30 years of experience consulting in a range of industries, from consumer goods to high-tech and automotive manufacturing, with projects typically delivering short-term cost savings that fund medium-term business transformation. He also helps craft successful strategies, marketing plans and operational upgrades for logistics providers.

Håkan Andersson

Establish, Inc. - Alliance Partner

Håkan has been developing successful large and complex operational solutions in Europe, USA and China for over 30 years. Håkan has a wide and deep knowledge within Supply Chain and has completed projects in most industries and companies of all sizes. Establish has performed network design and warehouse optimizations in over 2000 engagements for over 40 years.