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Approach to Our Transportation Strategy

Some logistics consultants operate at the 50,000-foot level, providing high-level advice on transportation strategy. We live in the weeds, where the detail is. Trans-solutions services are designed for companies that lack the resources and tools to do detailed freight analysis to support strategic decisions.

We typically start by developing an accurate “AS IS” baseline of your current freight operations, including cost, modes, distances, service levels, and procedures. Then, using our own specially designed tools, we build precise models that allow us to measure the impact of a host of alternative transportation strategies. Ultimately, we are able to tell you, for each alternate strategy or operational change, what will happen to your bottom line and service.

This degree of freight analysis takes time – typically 4 to 8 weeks. But we can identify freight savings of 5% to 25% – delivering significant ROI on our assignments.

What sets Trans-solutions apart as a logistics consultant?

  • The correct answer. Our fact-based, data-driven freight analysis results in precise conclusions that are clearly constructed and defensible to your company’s leadership.

  • Freight management focus to reduce freight costs through sourcing to gain cost compression and shipping smarter. While our experience cuts across transportation, warehousing, customer service and all aspects of logistics management, we specialize in strategies to reduce freight costs. Our tools and methodologies are designed to attack the biggest slice of your logistics expense – freight.

  • Small-parcel specialization. Trans-solutions founder, Giles Taylor, is a recognized authority on small parcel specialization and is a frequent speaker on the subject at industry conferences.

  • Practical perspective. Unlike many supply chain consultants who have little practical experience, our consultants have a bottom-up understanding of logistics operations from years as engineers, operators and managers within corporate logistics. In fact, before starting Trans-solutions, Giles was Vice President of Operations for a multi-million dollar retailer, e-tailer and wholesaler.
Expert Transportation Logistics Consultant