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Trans-Solutions consults shippers and third-party logistics companies in freight cost reductions and building best-in-class supply chain solutions. Our line-item approach to cost compression and optimization projects results in recommendations you can trust.

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What Parcel Carriers Don’t Want You To Know with Giles Taylor of Trans-Solutions Consulting

Services We Provide

Carrier Sourcing & Freight Rate Negotiation

You can always get a lower price. But, can you get a lower price and maintain or improve service? Trans-solutions maintains a detailed benchmark database of carrier rates. We know what the market will bear and can leverage this knowledge and our carrier relationships to cut your current contract rates 10%-35%.

Engineering & Supply Chain Optimization

sometimes you just have to re-engineer to problem. Trans-Solutions compares all key measures of transportation efficiency – rates, shipping performance, and staffing – to industry benchmarks to identify areas of greatest opportunity.


ROI in 90 days or less on many cost reduction projects.

Practical - Affordable - Network - Modeling

Practical, Affordable Network Modeling

Practical Affordable Network Modeling
Optimize your distribution network at a fraction of the time and cost of large-scale studies

Freight Rate Negotiation: Five Things Carriers Don’t Want You to Know

Get Inside Information to arm yourself for successful carrier negotiations.

Freight Rate Negotiation - Five Things Carriers Don’t Want You to Know
The Value of Transportation Audits

The Value of Transportation Audits

Getting an outside expert’s perspective can drive cost savings of 5% to 25%.